Importance of Pond Aeration

19 Jan

It might be dangerous to have a poor aeration system, as it would not allow enough oxygen in the pond. It is a great way to enhance the life of the ecosystem in the pond.  There is need for you to be careful to ensure that you choose the right aerator. Do not choose an aerator without considering the surface area; moreover, consider how deep your pond is.  If you choose the right aerator for the depth, it would aerate the entire pond.  Choose a bottom diffuser plate for a deeper pond.  Do not forget to consider the shape of the pond; you can use almost any aeration system for a round or oval pond.  There might be insufficient oxygen when you buy a single aerator for a strangely shaped pond. It is interesting to note that some aerators do not make noise while doing their work and that is what you should go for. If your aeration system provider helps you choose an aerator, you are most likely to choose the best one for your pond. There are several reasons why you should aerate your pond. 

Aeration ensures that there is little or no muck in your pond.  Nutrients tend to accumulate at the bottom of the pond as years go by and these nutrients become mud.  You would not like the smell of the muck. You are most likely to find leeches in a pond that has mud that has accumulated over a long time. There is a need for you to ensure that there is enough aeration in the pond to circulate the water with increased dissolved oxygen, which minimizes muck and other decomposing material.  It also ensures that there are essential aerobic bacteria to consume the nutrients, which is a great way to minimize the existing mud and prevent its buildup in the days to come.  If you want to learn more, make sure to contact us.

There is a better quality of water in the pond that has enough aeration. A pond that has suspended nutrients looks murky.  The water in the pond that has a good aeration system tends to be more clear and of better quality than the one with poor aeration. Since aeration reduces nutrients, it will be hard for algae and weed to grow and this should be the case.

If there is poor aeration in your pond; you should expect your fish to die any time. Fish can die but many of them should not die at the same time; if such happens, you should know that there is minimal oxygen in the pond.  The pond may freeze during winter, trapping gasses released during the decomposition of organic debris.  Therefore, you should ensure that there is enough aeration to pump fresh oxygen to ensure the health of the fish.  There will be no threat from the gases released during decomposition. Make sure to get info on this. 

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